Curious to know what our students have to say?

These testimonials are from students who have attended our various programs.

“The Xelerate Research Program was an incredible opportunity for an aspiring researcher like myself. The integration of the data science course within our project is suffice to say that the program truly furthers one’s interest and understanding of research. Our project “Applying Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) Image Classification Software for classifying dermal cell images” has an impact at a global level in allowing for the efficient diagnosis of skin cancers solely based on the image of the skin lesion.

Such innovation was only possible with the guidance and mentorship of the Xelerate mentors and professors. I recommend every aspiring researcher to explore this program as it has so much to offer


Advaita S.

The International School Bangalore (TISB)

“The Xelerate LaunchPad Program provided an awesome experience. The mentors and professors in the program helped us brainstorm various ideas and they supported us throughout our journey in building our startup. The Xelerate team even helped us patent our idea. The workshops with the VC’s gave us deeper insights into the real world of startups”


Mayank B.

Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai
(Currently studying at Princeton University)

“The Xelerate Passion Project program is one of the best programs I have ever attended in all my high school years. The Program taught me all the essential background information needed in order to start an independent research on the applications of artificial intelligence and I was able to collaborate with my peers for bringing into practical use my research.
I would like to thank the entire Xelerate Team. They have changed my path of thinking. There are multiple different programs under Xelerate, I encourage all of you to sign up for the ones you think you would be the best fit for. It is a wonderful journey and given the opportunity, each one you out there you should definitely consider this as an option to develop your knowledge and boost your applications.”


Aditi V

Indus International School, Bangalore

The Xelerate Passion Project program helps you identify your true passions and the mentors and professors guide you to create a passion project which helps in creating a compelling college application for highly selective universities. Before I joined the program, I had no idea on how to create a project that will WOW the admissions committee. I also did not know how to showcase the project ahead of time to the colleges before my actual college applications begin.

Xelerate has a dedicated team in US and Canada which makes sure our projects are reviewed by the admissions officers of the Top Colleges before I apply to the colleges.


Cindy L.

Monta Vista High School, Cupertino, California
(Currently studying at Stanford University)

“I have been part of various Xelerate Programs in the last few years. The Xelerate Research Program is one of the best research programs globally. They help you write a college-level academic paper in the program. From topic selection to the literature review, from paper writing to academic style polishing, I took away a lot from the program. The program teaches you how to draft a formal academic paper, how to cite and quote in a professional way etc.”


Jason S.

Mission San Jose High School, Fremont, California
(Currently studying at UCLA)

My journey with Xelerate was nothing short than exhilarating. I was lucky enough to get an amazing teacher who brought a lot of practical knowledge about AI, and learned how to code using Jupyter Notebook. The teacher – Mr. Alok had used multiple real-life examples from his own experience to understand the logic behind each line of code better. Something very special about Xelerates classes is that, a senior faculty member – Mr. Pradeep was part of all the classes and ensures that each student understands the concept.


Nabhit A

Greenwood High International School, Bangalore

The Xelerate Passion Project Program adds a lot of value in your college application process. The program is very rigorous but it is a life-changing opportunity. You can choose between a less time-intensive program or a more time-intensive program. Even if you no idea about any projects, Xelerate professors and mentors will brainstorm various ideas and make it super easy for you to start. There is an extensive support system built into the program. Besides support from your professor, you will have support from mentors, program coordinators, etc. The completed project will be on the Xelerate portal which is shared with the admissions teams of more than 100 top colleges in the US and globally.


Srikant M.

Singapore International School, Mumbai