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The Xelerate Research program provides high school students with a unique and personalized opportunity to conduct research in an online and offline environment under the mentorship of leading professors, scientists and other subject experts from various universities in India and the US. It allows students to experience first-hand how research is carried out and to contribute consequentially.

Students in the Xelerate Research Program will learn fundamental research techniques through a combination of interactive lectures and stimulating coursework culminating in a research paper which can be published in leading international journals.


The Xelerate Achiever’s Program is a highly intensive program for high school and undergraduate students to begin their research work in their field of interest. It immerses students in college level research work thereby placing them on the right track for careers in research and innovation. Students work with the best of faculty at the forefront of research.

Students will develop an understanding of research through exposure to research fields such as education, medicine, psychology, engineering, sustainability etc. This is a highly selective program and acceptance into this program requires students to have a high GPA and prior research experience.


The Xelerate AI Program will provide you with a solid foundation in AI concepts and is meant for students from all fields even those without a programming or Computer Science background. The program will introduce you to the main applications in AI starting from chatbots and moving onto Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. Students will also develop a socially impactful AI project or a Passion Project where they will be mentored by leading professors and industry experts.


The Xelerate Passion Project program is an online/offline program where students get to use a proven framework developed by Xelerate to ideate, strategize and execute a project based on the major that the student wants to pursue in college. This Passion Project will help students create a compelling and credible profile and greatly increase their chances of getting admitted to highly selective universities.

Xelerate professors and mentors will guide students throughout the entire journey which will include brainstorming sessions, intellectual support to encourage innovative and independent thinking and training to hone the student’s skills. All students will receive direct, hands-on coaching from the mentors and the Xelerate team to form a Passion Project that will STAND OUT from other applications.


The Xelerate Launchpad program is designed to foster entrepreneurial mindset in high school students through a hands-on learning experience and the creation of their very own business idea. The students will utilize Xelerate’s tools and techniques to develop their own startup by doing extensive market research, multiple iterations and lightweight business models.

Xelerate Launchpad will teach high school students entrepreneurship and leadership skills and will help them interact with real customers and form various business partnerships. Xelerate will provide the mentorship, expertise, support and global connections that students need to become successful entrepreneurs.


Xelerate online/offline coding courses are designed to teach students to code with core programming skills.The Xelerate Coding Program curriculum has been refined and optimized over the last several years by the founding members and a team of professors from leading universities from India (IITs) and from US (Stanford, MIT etc.) and industry experts.

The Xelerate Coding Program will help you learn coding though hands-on real-world projects in robotics, app development etc. Our programs are designed to ensure coding education is accessible and empowering to students of various education boards and from all ages and backgrounds.


Student Testimonials

Xelerate Acheiver’s Program is an awesome program. Being part of this program has been a life changing experience for me. The amount of time and effort the mentors spend in helping us and their genuine desire to teach us more will always make this program one of the best programs that I have ever attended.
Anand Iyer


The Xelerate Research Program is one of the most rewarding experiences that I had during high school. The professors and mentors pour a lot of energy and passion into their work. I learnt a lot about the research process and how to write a scientific paper.
Anita Singh


The Xelerate AI program exceeded my expectations. It helped me grasp the concepts of Data Science and AI. I was able to successfully complete a socially impactful AI project. The mentors were experts in their respective areas and they helped me at every stage of the project

Navin Thadani



University Acceptances

Xelerate alumni have been accepted into the following colleges. This will give prospective students a sense of the caliber of students accepted into the Xelerate programs.

Stanford University

University of Pennsylvania

Columbia University

Dartmouth University

Brown University

Yale University

University of Chicago

Duke University

Johns Hopkins University

Georgia Tech Institute

Cornell University

University of Southern California

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

University of California - Berkeley

University of California – Los Angeles

Carnegie Mellon University

University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

Harvey Mudd College

University of Texas - Austin

Washington University in St. Louis

Boston University

University of Wisconsin - Madison

University of Colorado - Boulder

University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign

Rice University

University of Washington

Case Western Reserve University

University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

University of California - Dan Diego

Syracuse University

Emory University

University of Maryland - College Park

Purdue University

Tulane University

Imperial College London

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Brunel University London

University of Westminster

University of Toronto

University of British Columbia

McGill University

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