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Xelerate Admission System

Xelerate elucidates the importance of transcript scores with counselor-recommended top of the class applicants.

Professor details are not shared with applicants until their admission in order to guarantee solely academic interest.

To ensure legitimacy, applicants are required to have their school ID on their person when they arrive to attend the interview.

Testing students’ writing ability allows Xelerate to gauge the students’ potential and verify SAT and TOEFL scores.


How to Apply

Student Application Form

The tangible application process begins with the submission of your application.

This involves your :

  • Basic Personal Information
  • Areas of Interest
  • Essay

Review Process

Before progressing to the interviews, students’ applications will be reviewed by our reviewing panel, which will determine whether they may move on to the interviews. The following factors of the student’s application will be considered:

  • Student Transcript
  • Any Standardized Test Scores (in case of availability)
  • Essays

Individual Online Interviews

Post the initial screening, selected students will progress to the interview round which will be conducted online.


Students may be asked to provide verifiable references to corroborate the student’s capability and interest.

Final Decision

The team will then arrive at a decision to accept or not accept the student’s application as they see fit. Upon acceptance, professors will be assigned to students. A conditional admission will be mailed to the student.


A deposit is required to be made post the conditional admission to secure a spot in the program. If the student is not accepted post the interview round or if a student wishes to withdraw their application before the assignment of professors, the deposit will be returned. However, any withdrawal after professors have been assigned will not be liable to receive the deposit amount.

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