Creating new knowledge through research

Collaborations that change lives

Creating new knowledge through research

Collaborations that change lives

About Xelerate Academics

Xelerate is a premier US based research institute that helps students conduct research in an online and offline environment and helps them bring out their creative and research skills in an engaging and thoughtful manner. Students can explore their academic interests under the guidance of professors from leading universities in US and India and mentors from industries.

Research Impact

Our research is inspiring. It brings together talented, passionate and dedicated students as they strive to make discoveries that have a real impact on lives and societies across the world.


We are constantly assessing and developing our standards with the growth of performance.

We have 6 different programs in Xelerate:

  • Xelerate Research Program
  • Xelerate Achiever’s Program
  • Xelerate AI Program
  • Xelerate Passion Project Program
  • Xelerate Launchpad
  • Xelerate Coding Program

How To Apply


Application Submission

The tangible application process begins with the submission of your application.


Review Process

Before progressing to the interviews, students’ applications will be reviewed by our reviewing panel, which will determine whether they may move on to the interviews.



Post the initial screening, selected students will progress to the interview round which will be conducted online.

Our Blogs

Why Leading Industries Rely On Business Intelligence

Why Leading Industries Rely On Business Intelligence

Information moves around the commercial centre. It very well may be sourced inside or remotely and gathered from merchants, producers, retailers, wholesalers, customers, and different parts in the commercial centre. This information is then handled and utilized by...

Sports Psychology- Increasing Success On The Field

Sports Psychology- Increasing Success On The Field

Sports psychology is one of the most recent advances of psychological branches. It mainly consists of study of the mind of the athlete and work in orientation to facilitate and enhance the athlete’s performance in sports settings and organizations. Sport Psychology...

Success Stories

Healthcare for the deaf and dumb can be significantly improved with a Sign Language Recognition (SLR) system capable of recognizing medical terms…

Aditya U, Smriti Jha

“Supercapacitors” have attracted a lot of attention because of their excellent power density and extended cycling life…

Sonali Shah

University Acceptances

Xelerate alumni have been accepted into the following colleges. This will give prospective students a sense of the caliber of students accepted into the Xelerate programs.

  • Stanford University
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Columbia University
  • Yale University
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology

And many more…

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